Hive Digital was founded  by expat and Chinese mobility professionals with backgrounds in fine art logistics, household goods removals and mobility services.

With a combined experience of over 60 years, Hive digital brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and understands the maze of channels needed for documentation authentication and verification. We handle thousands of document authentications a year to meet work permit requirements for China, Vietnam, UAE, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

We created Hive to fulfill what we felt   was a lack of attention to details  and integrity in dealing with clients that should be applied to the immigration documentation industry.  Why did we call ourselves Hive Relocations?  Because we dedicate ourselves to the same core four principles that c0nnect  a real life “hive”.

  • Dedication: Bee’s have an incredible work ethic. and a focus and dedication to meet  their goals that rivals none other. Hive Digital reflects those ethics with an obsessive focus on exceptional customer service.
  • Communication: Bee’s communicate by waggling and they do a lot of it! Communication and lots of it are the essence of any well organized project. At Hive we strive for excellence by making sure everyone is on the same page. Communication, communication, communication.
  • Small steps add big value: Honeybees are responsible for pollinating the entire crop of almonds in the United States. Their contribution is considered to be worth $2 billion. But each individual bee pollinates just 19 cents of almonds. It’s never one bee that builds all those cells for a honeycomb . At Hive, we help each employee to understand how they can create value. We know that each employee makes small, but important contributions to the final outcome of a satisfied client.
  • Success is in succession: Honeybees don’t live very long – perhaps a month in summer and six to seven months in winter – but during that brief lifetime they cycle through 15 to 20 tasks. The work flow and succession planning is phenomenal.  With that in mind, we ensure there is someone ready or being trained for every role and function in our organization to make transitions seamless. We help employees to experience career progress and don’t package work within tightly defined jobs and roles that limit potential.

At Hive Digital we don’t claim to be a global company with hundreds of dots on the map.

We are a registered company with heavy experience in leveraging and managing supply chain partnerships to provide competitive pricing with five star services. Our Service Partner Program (SPP) is strict, robust and ensures that you will receive the best quality of immigration/visa services possible.

Our promise to you, is that you won’t be just another number in a “system”.  Our attention to detail isn’t just a focus on dates, procedures, its a focus on YOU, the client. We provide a highly personalized service where you are the center of attention..