Welcome to Hive Digital, the most human-friendly apostille service out there. We actually know how to get your documents apostilled fast and at a great price. For this, we offer a full apostille service with the greatest guaranty, in the shortest time, and efficiently to apostille your document, making them valid for use in all destinations requiring apostilled documents: China, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Spain, and many more. Link to all members HERE.


At Hive Digital, apostilles form part of our specialization, and we offer our services in connection to a great variety of documents, such as academic degrees, marriage, and birth certificates, police clearance certificates, and many more.  Our team knows many country requirements and will likely help point you in the right direction with the exact type of documents that would be necessary for an Apostille issuance at your desired destination. We do understand that time is of the essence where obtaining an apostille is concerned, more so when you have some urgent deadlines to beat. That’s why we do offer expedited services to ensure your documents get authenticated at the shortest time possible.

We shall be taking care of the entire process on your behalf, right from the submission of your documents to the concerned authorities and following it up, until the time such documents reach you on time. This way, you know you always have your team on standby for any questions or concerns you might have in the process of the Apostille. We understand how this can be quite confusing in getting an Apostille, more so if it’s your first time.

Our team of experts are always standby to offer guidance and support from the start to the. In other words, if your documents need to be apostilled for use either in Japan, Korea, Portugal, Spain, or any other destination requiring apostilled documents—Hive Digital may help with that. Our fast and credible apostille services give your document authenticity by getting them processed fast and efficiently so that you may be able to beat your deadline and achieve your set objective. We encourage you to get in touch and learn more about our services to help you get the apostille you require.

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