A work permit is required for individuals who are planning to work in China. Processing your paperwork is a complicated and tedious process that requires handling by professionals with experience and expertise in using China’s immigration platform. While most companies have HR who will assist on this process, most companies will not have in-house teams that have the capability to navigate the pitfalls.

Hive Digital has coverage for most of China for visa services. Check with us on your location.

Our Visa services:

Registration of employers account: Hive will assist to register your business with SAFEA. This is a crucial step required before any work permit process can be started.

Work permit application: This is for first time applicants or for applicants who have to start from scratch because of failed extensions or transfers.

Residence permit: Commonly known as Working Visa(even though we believe this term not accurate), this Permit is essential for working within Mainland China legally, together with Work Permit. You can apply for this after getting either Work Permit card or Z visa.

Dependent application: After getting a Work Permit Card in your hand, this kind of Permit is what you need to apply for if you have accompanying family except children with ages of 18 years or older.

Extension of work permit: If you are working for the same employer then you should start this process 30 days in advance.

Amendment of work permit: When your name, passport number, job title or the Category you belonged to etc. has been changed, you are obliged to apply for alteration of relevant information recorded in your Work Permit within 10 working days from the date of change.

Cancellation of work permit: When you quit or for whatever reason cannot continue to work for the same employer, the Authority requests the Work Permit be cancelled within 10 working days since the cause happened.

Transfer of work permit: No matter you start your own business or jop hopping, as long as you transfer to another company, and can submit application for Work Permit within 30 days from you quit, then this is the formality you need to go through, after cancelling BOTH Work/Employment Permit and Residence Permit for Work within 10 working days from you quit.

Translation Services: Most documents submitted for visa applications will need to be translated by a licensed translation company.