October 23rd 2020

The curveballs thrown by COVID/USA politics continue to make life difficult for native English speaking expatriates attempting to legalize documents for work purposes in order to be legally employed in China. Extensions to visa’s are becoming more difficult to attain and its important that candidates understand the timing needed to prepare documents so that they are not caught unaware when factoring in timelines for upcoming work permit applications and “transfers”.

Below we’ve listed the current document legalization situation by country that Hive is providing services in:

Ireland: Legalizations can be completed at this time

UK: Legalizations can be completed at this time

South Africa: Legalization can be completed at this time

Canada: Legalizations and background checks are still possible at this time.

USA: Legalizations and background checks are still occurring however on a extremely slow timeline as the DOS (State Department) works through, on average, an 8 week backlog.

Our recommendations:

DO NOT DELAY triggering document authentications as the timeline for completion could be 7 to 10 weeks (USA). We will be providing scans of completed documents at each stage in order to give HR capability to share with the FEB (Foreign Expert Burea) in order to try and negotiate flexibility in starting the work permit process in the absence of the fully completed authenticated documents.

Reach out to us via WeChat or email sales@hiverelo.com for any consultation or service requests.

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