Criminal background Check options for Americans

Digital Fingerprinting for FBI Background Checks

FBI background checks are the gold standard for a clean record check. It’s expected that China will be moving to a model where Americans will be required to provide this background check in future, as its the most comprehensive and will uncover any potential hiring risks and liabilities of the candidate being hired. Most international schools and some specific cities in China have moved to require this federal check over local and/or state checks in 2019.

Hive Digital provides clients with the capability to run a background check from anywhere in the planet.  We also provide authentications should you be using this report in China, Vietnam, Korea, UAE, Thailand or Japan.

For Shanghai and Beijing :   Hive Digital provides digital fingerprinting services within the Shanghai and Beijing areas, allowing for quick, clean, and convenient capture of prints (5 minutes) with the FBI report ready within hours (12 hours). Schedule an appointment with our consultant and we will meet you at a convenient location within Shanghai or Beijing to complete the fingerprinting stage.

For rest of mainland China and Asia:  For clients who already have ink cards completed or are in another part of China, Hive Digital can scan your cards and provide the FBI report within 12 hours.


State CBC (Criminal Background checks)

We also provide options for clientele who prefer State background check options over the FBI report.  We carefully check with you and your HR to determine the best underlying notarization methods that will be confirmed acceptable by the FAO in the part of China you are planning to work.

Dont waste time mailing fingerprints internationally!

If you send ink prints to USA, not only to do you have to worry about a potentially long time to process, but you also need to stress about wasted time if the fingerprints you send are substandard.

Hive Digital provides safe and secure digital fingerprinting for Americans needing to apply for their criminal background check report (CBC) globally. For clients with ink fingerprint cards, you will know within hours whether your ink cards are substandard and we can help you get new ink cards done correctly very quickly.

  • Avoid messy ink fingerprinting cards
  • 12 hour turnaround to receive the report
  • 9 working days to complete China authentications
  • Rush Express options available (3 working days)

Have an ink fingerprint card already completed in another part of China? Let us scan it for you! Reduce the time it takes to courier and get your background check. Not sure where to get ink fingerprints done? We can guide you to self fingerprint. We have a 99% acceptance rate!


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