Being a good recruiter requires so much more than simply finding a body for a job. A good recruiter gets a rush from helping candidates and employers connect to find the best possible match. How does a recruiter find the right person for the right job at the right time? LISTENING

The essential skill of a good recruiter is to listen and take on board all the needs of the applicant as well as the hiring manager/employer. What motivates the candidate? Why did they move on from last employer?

Too often we meet clients who approach recruiters with caution as they’ve had a negative experience in the past. Not all recruiters are equal and we’d like to introduce a few hand picked professionals who truly care and are good at what they do. So reach out to these guys, their WeChat contacts are below for quick access. What are you waiting for?

Gold Star is a British owned recruitment company specializing in connecting teachers to the very best schools around China. They were formed by a former teacher and Director of Studies who first moved to China back in 2004, so they really understand whats important to a teacher when looking for a new job. All the schools that Gold Star partner with have been screened in-depth, offer legal work visa’s and an enjoyable teaching environment. They take great pride in their work and offer a completely free service for teachers. ESL JOB BOARD HERE. TEACHER FEEDBACK/INTERVIEWS HERE

Annie Yang

Since 2011, ESL Suite is an expat owned, China based, boutique recruitment and HR consulting agency specializing in education recruitment for teachers, education managers, curriculum developers and administrators.  Their team knows what teachers are looking for and have first hand expat perspective of teaching and living in China. Matt Zweig, Senior Recruitment Consultant at ESL SUITE, has over 10 years of experience in education in China. As a first-year teacher fresh off a TEFL course, he scrambled his way up the career ladder to Director of Studies and later to Regional Supervisor. With first-hand working knowledge and perspective on what it takes to build a career in education in China. Reach out to him today! TEACHER TESTIMONIALS HERE

Matt Zweig